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Kitty Dodgers | UV DTF Pen Wrap

Kitty Dodgers | UV DTF Pen Wrap

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Build your own Gang Sheet

These premium printed UV DTF pen wraps are permanent and waterproof. This listing is for one UV DTF Pen Wrap.


These are UV DTF *printed* pen wraps.

- No Sealing

- No Water Needed

- No Dry Time Required

- Waterproof

- Permanent adhesive

- Smudge & Smear proof

- DO NOT use alcohol, acetone, essential oils or any other cleaning solution on these decals. Handwash with warm soapy water ONLY.

- The wraps are sized to wrap around most pens after glitter and resin. Depending on your layers and resin/epoxy, they may NOT wrap all the way around or may need to be trimmed slightly.

- These are printed wraps that will be mailed to you, digital files are not offered at this time.


Application Instructions:

1. Clean pen to remove any lint, dust, or oils from the surface.

2. Peel backing away from the clear transfer paper and design print.
(See video included behind first picture)

3. Carefully place the transfer on the pen. Make sure the design is straight and positioned correctly.
(Once the transfer touches the pen surface, it cannot be repositioned or taken off so please make sure you are positioning your transfer carefully and correctly)

4. Press the transfer down, working from the center outwards, pushing out any small bubbles.

5. Rub all over the design with your fingers or small squeegee or cloth.

6. Peel clear film off slowly and you're done!

We are not responsible for application mishaps and there are no refunds/exchanges due to issues with application.

*Please note: Not all brands of pens have the exact same measurements.

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